Stratcom is an international platform where global topics and trends shaping the information environment in the field of strategic communication are discussed from a global vantage point.

Hosting the experts and leading names in the sector, Stratcom Summit’22 agenda deems strategic communication as an independent policy area that contours today and the future, while making sense of the past.

Stratcom brings together stakeholders from around the world with innovative and international practices in areas such as public communication, crisis communication, government communication and campaigns, open source intelligence, combating disinformation and digital media.

Stratcom offers the opportunity to establish the cooperation between institutions and individuals to create concrete outputs by following the current developments in strategic communication.




Stratcom Summit 2022 is opening its gates again in Istanbul between 2-3 December 2022 with the theme of "Strategic Communication in the Age of Uncertainty" in order to share experience with the leaders of strategic communication and develop new strategies.

As international uncertainties, humanitarian and environmental crises and regional instability deteriorates; Stratcom Summit will host leaders to build organizational resilience, capacity building, leadership, professionalism and excellence in the face of communications challenges.

In coping with this multi-faceted transformation and challenges, it has become more precious than ever for states, private sector and non-governmental organizations, media platforms and academia to unite in policy making, coordination and implementation stages to develop cooperation areas with a truth-first and citizen-oriented approach.

The International Strategic Communications Summit 2022 (Stratcom Summit ‘22) presents an innovative and resilient platform for discussion and negotiation in the context of policy development, coordination and governance for major crises faced by states and citizens in the age of post-truth and uncertainty.





Leading Platform

Stratcom Summit'21 aims to become a leading platform that shapes strategic communication landscape.

Global Hub

Stratcom Summit will continue to remain as a global hub throughout 365 days a year and create one of the most vibrant international brands in the field of strategic communication through global events, publications, panels, activities and projects across the world.

International Engagement

Stratcom Summit'21 strives to improve international engagement and collaboration for exchanging ideas and experience by bringing together government officials, experts, journalists, scholars and practitioners from around the world.

Brings Together

Stratcom Summit’21 brings together world-known experts and leaders to address compelling policies, issues, challenges and trends vis-à-vis strategic communication ecosystem.

Global Engagement Hub

"Global Engagement Hub for Strategic Communication"

"Vibrant Ecosystem for Further Collaboration"

"Research and Training Center for Future Trends"