Stratcom Summit '22 aims to become a leading platform that shapes strategic communication landscape.

12+ Hours of Content

Stratcom Summit' 22 aims to provide powerful content including essential topics such as government communications, emerging technologies, disinformation, data analytics, crisis management, campaings for multiple audiences, media planning, creative industries, public and digital diplomacy, opinion polls, new media, digital marketing, nation branding and market insights.

Stratcom Talks

Stratcom Summit ’22 gives attendees first hand experience with emerging approaches and trends in the strategic communication landscape.

Stratcom Panels

Stratcom Summit’21 brings together world-known experts and leaders to address compelling policies, issues, challenges and trends vis-à-vis strategic communication ecosystem.


Stratcom Summit'22 strives to improve international engagement and collaboration for exchanging ideas and experience among its participants from a variety of disciplines and interests through a wide range of events.

Networking & Community

Stratcom Summit is a meeting hub for government communicators, scholars, campaigners, strategists, pollers, creative designers, data analysts, diplomats, journalists, tech savvies, entrepreneurs, digital platforms and fact-checkers. Stratcom Summit will continue to serve as a global hub throughout the year and create one of the most vibrant international brands in the field of strategic communication. The Summit will continue hosting global events, making publications, organizing panels, activities and delivering projects with its international and national stakeholders across the world.

Live Q&A

Both online viewers and those who attend in person will have the opportunity to ask questions to speakers.