Dushko Arsovski

Dushko Arsovski is a media expert and former journalist with over 20 years of experience working with Macedonian and International media as a reporter, producer, editor and anchor. Since 2020 he serves as spokesperson to the Government of North Macedonia. As holder of Master of Science in International Relations- Conflict Resolution at the Skopje State University, he also has experience as a researcher on the PDY State Department Program at New Mexico State University. This former chief of the BBC World Service Office in Skopje, had last post in journalism in the North Macedonia’s Public Broadcaster, as international news editor and TV news anchor. He was awarded with "Question of the Year" in 2005 and the "Special Achievements in Reporting on EU Affairs" in 2006 both awards from the EU Delegation to North Macedonia. For two consecutive terms, he was a member of the Committee for State Journalism Award in 2013-2017. Dushko Arsovski is a former NGO activist and co-founder of Diversity Media, a Skopje-based organization for promoting professional standards in journalism and organizing trainings for journalists and civil society organizations.

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